Cumplimos 10 años (video)

Sentidosdesign cumple 10 años ! Presentamos un video que muestra una reseña del trabajo realizado en este tiempo. Desde el 3D y el diseño gráfico, pasando por los helicópteros y la gráfica de vehículos, hasta la innovación en bicicletas ! Gracias a quienes nos acompañaron durante estos 10 años: Clientes, compañeros de trabajo, colaboradores, familia […]

Rethinking the bikes – “Repensando las bicicletas”

Bicycles have much untapped potential that could solve many social needs, such as: – Reduce pollution and greenhouse gases. – Reduce energy consumption. – Improve the health of the population. – Improve transit in large cities. – Provide access to a means of transport for many people. – Promote people´s socialization and integration. Based on […]

WATER injection – Inyección de AGUA

Hydroinjection Fioramonti are Sentidos design friends. A few years ago Cicaré introduced and recommended us, and we made the technical drawings of Fioramonti product. Hidroinyección Fioramonti son amigos de Sentidos design. Hace unos años Cicaré nos presentó y recomendó, y realizamos los dibujos técnicos del equipo de Fioramonti. The device is a unique system. It […]

“Nuestras Manos” logo

The “San Francisco” Sewing Workshop was born from the hope and determination of the women from the Saladillo Norte neighborhood, from their wish to succeed and grow thanks to an attitude of continuous learning and dignifying work. The goal of the project is to launch and develop a stable source of work in the area, […]